Movere TeleServices' mission-as a business development and consulting firm specializing in business to business and business to consumer telemarketing services-is to be the leading call center for Inbound and Outbound Teleservices while continuing to be the premier call center in the country to work for. Our aim is provide courteous, professional, highly trained telemarketers and customer service, which does more than simply represent your business professionally and effectively. We seek to genuinely reflect your company's ideals, enthusiasm and passion while simultaneously delivering to you a wider audience and expanded market share.

"...delivering to you a wider audience and
expanded market share."


Movere Teleservices' seeks to exceed all customer expectations with a quality, a consistency, and a world-class customer service experience that is unequaled anywhere. Our reputation as the premier call center for appointment setting, lead generation, and database management is due largely to our highly skilled career orientated TSRs (Teleservice Representatives).

These professionals, well versed in our specialized telemarketing services and working out of our 21st century 20,000 square foot call center, are experts. Generating sales leads, augmenting and increasing existing sales, expanding market share, and unearthing new business opportunities for our clients are what our telemarketing services do. They're designed solely to enlarge your market footprint and increase your sales.

Movere Teleservices is 100% owned and operated in the United States. Nothing is outsourced overseas or to 3rd party vendors.

"...a quality, a consistency, and a world class customer
service experience that is unequaled."


Since day one we've operated from one simple bedrock belief: "take care of your employees and they will take care of your customers." To that end every campaign has a dedicated client service team to provide end-to-end client focus. We ensure all goals and strategic objectives aren't just met, but exceeded. That's leadership. Just one of the many reasons why Movere Teleservices is the "go to" company companies of every size go to when they need quality, consistency and top-notch customer service.

Bill Kerth / Partner (Sales and Operations)
Bill Kerth brings over 15 years of experience owning and operating call centers. His hands-on approach to employee training, campaign development, and client retention has paved the way for Movere Teleservices to become a leading provider of appointments, leads, and customized campaigns for dozens of industries.

Steve Jaffe / Partner (Finance and Administration)
Steve Jaffe offers clients over 20 years of hands-on Executive, Management and Consulting experience. As CEO of eDot, Steve's duties include Acquisitions, Financial Management, and Marketing, while also managing the Low-Voltage division of his company.

"...goals and strategic objectives aren't just met, but exceeded."


Well-trained, well-educated, well-informed TSRs are fundamental to the success of any teleservice campaign. Our TSRs are so thoroughly and rigorously trained-and represent your company so professionally-it's as if they were one of your own employees. It's been our experience that true quality TSRs excel with coaching rather than supervision. By fostering this unique co-operative environment we instill quality while maintaining the consistent production that is essential to increasing your ROI.

"...instill quality while maintaining the consistent production
that is essential to increasing your ROI."